How to tackle Quantitative Aptitude in SSC CGL Exam 2018?

Quantitative Aptitude is a very important section of the SSC CGL Exam since it holds considerable weightage in both Tier-I and Tier-II phases. In this post, we will discuss how one can tackle Arithmetic Questions in SSC CGL Exam 2018. So, read this post now to solve the arithmetic questions of the quantitative aptitude section with ease in the SSC CGL Exam.
Mathematics is not difficult. All it requires is clarity of concept along with lots and lots of practice. Quantitative aptitude section can prove to be a deciding factor for a candidate to make into the merit list or to clear the exam. Basic understanding of the concepts can help you turn this section into one of the highest scoring segment in the exam.

How to solve Arithmetic Questions in SSC CGL Exam 2018?
        In SSC-CGL exam, you’ve to face Mathematics at two stages


1.      Conceptual clarity
1.      NCERTs 
2.      Some important reference books for other topics

2.      Lot of practice
        From Quantitative aptitude books.
        There are lot of books in market, the question is, which one to refer?

Tier-I (Prelims)
50 Qs
Negative 0.25
Tier-II (Mains) Paper I: Arithmetical Ability
100 Qs worth 200 marks
Negative 0.50
         The Approach for clearing Mathematics section, stands on two pillars:
#1 Getting the Conceptual Clarity
        Have a clear understanding of the different topics which are asked in the mathematics or quantitative aptitude section and divide them into sub-topics to study them accordingly.
        Cover one topic at one time, first get your basics clear then solve maximum questions based on the topics which you have studied.
        Whenever you learn any new or shortcut technique, make sure that you make a note of it and solve enough questions based on it for better practice.
        Analyze the mistakes you commit while solving questions of the quantitative aptitude section and work on improving them accordingly.
#2 Practice
        Merely going through the concepts or formulas of different topics won’t be of any substantial help in the exam. You need to practice the different types of questions which are asked in the exam, in order to become proficient in applying those concepts flawlessly in the exam.
        Despite knowing the concepts and formulas, people make silly mistakes either in calculation or in plugging the values. Regular practice will help you avoid such errors.
        Tier I exam has 200 questions with a time limit of 120 minutes. This means that you have less than 2 minutes per question. Questions of reasoning and comprehension often take more than 5 minutes to solve! Therefore, maintaining a constant speed is essential. Since there is negative marking system in the exam, it is important that you attempt the questions accurately.

Strategy to attempt Quantitative Aptitude Section in the exam

The Quantitative Aptitude Section can benefit you with a total of 50 marks in the Tier-I of SSC CGL Exam.

So, one should analyze the questions carefully before attempting the same. 

       First of all, understanding the nature of the question is important, like- according to time which question will take more time to solve and which question will take less time.
       After that, calculate the marks in accordance with the questions taking lesser time.
       To avoid negative marking and save time, try to attempt the less time consuming and short/ less calculative questions first. You can proceed to the remaining questions of this section post that, if there is still time.
       Use shorter formulas for higher accuracy. A lot of quantitative aptitude questions can be solved using short tricks and methods.
       Maintain proper speed and accuracy while solving the questions for scoring high marks.

SSC CGL Quantitative Aptitude Preparation Tips

       In order to conquer the Quantitative Aptitude Section with good marks, you need to develop great concentration and speed.
       Merely Reading and Learning is not very helpful in the Mathematics section. The game is all about logical and mental abilities and presence of mind for quick response while solving questions.
       You need to understand the nature of Quantitative Aptitude questions first and then solve them in minimal time duration with the smartest idea you can use.
       The most basic four things in Mathematics are – Addition, Subtraction, Division and Multiplication.
       These calculations are very basic in mathematics which are used in most of the questions. So, if you perform them faster, you can save your valuable time in each question.
       Remember multiplication tables up to 20. If you remember the tables, the calculations would be easier and faster as well.
      Check the example here.
If you have to find out the result of 16*13, then you can simple solve this as –
16(10+3) = 16*10 + 16*3 = 160+48 = 208
And 13(10+6) = 130+78=208
So, the answer of 16*13 is 208.
       Learn the short tricks to solve the questions quickly and clear your fundamentals to attempt more questions in exam.
       Solve SSC CGL Previous Years Question Papers and Sample Test Papers to assess your performance and make more improvements.
       Analyze the reasons of your low performance and try to resolve them.
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